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Foundation Free Face

Sometimes, going foundation free for a couple of days is just what you need to fresh your skin. If you have temperamental skin like mine then continuously slapping foundation on it doesn't help it at all. I'm quite lucky in a way because if I don't want to put foundation on I don't always have to, if I am having a good skin day then I can get away with skipping it and still look quite fresh. I understand that some people might be reading this and just the thought of going foundation free might make them feel really self-conscious but I do think we all do need them days where we let our skin breath.

Here are a few items that I tend to use on my foundation free days and these products are enough to cover any blemishes I have.

Concealer palette - This palette is like my best friend, it has every shade of concealer you would need and has the added counter balance shades to help cover up spots. I usually use the green concealer over any spots I have to cover the redness of them and then put the right shade of concealer for my face on top.  Here is where you can find the palette.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer - If I am not wearing some sort of foundation or bb/cc cream then this Rimmel concealer is a must. It is perfect for under my eyes to cover any bags I have and it is great for just brightening up my cheeks and covering any redness I might have.

Sleek Contour Palette - I use this palette near enough every day now as it works well with and without a base. If I'm not putting any foundation on I like to contour my face only a little so that it gives my round face some definition and temples.

Sleek Blush Palette - You always want a little rosy blush on your cheeks to make you look fresh faced. I like to you the shade Guipure in this palette just to brighten up my cheeks.

Mac Teddy eye kohl crayon - If I'm going to wear eye liner I am enjoying using this mac brown shade just to define my eyes and make them look a bit bigger.

Benefit they're real mascara - This product doesn't really need an explanation for what I picked it but if you want you can read my review on it as well as other mascaras here.

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