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The Body Shop Sale Bargains

The Body Shop is a shop that I love to spend my money in but I hardly ever go in it. I like to shop at my own pace and sometimes I look in the shop and there are 3 people working there and I know if I go in there, all three of them will ask me questions about what I'm looking for and begin to show me around. I don't like that when it comes to beauty products, I just like to mooch around every stand.

Saying that, I walked past the Kettering branch just after Christmas and noticed there was only one person working and she was behind the till so I pulled my boyfriend backwards and took this opportunity.

I'm so glad I did because I got some right bargains in store which I'm going to tell you about today.

The first is this Brazil Nut shower cream which I picked up for just £3. You can always count on The Body Shop products to smell amazing and these three products don't disappoint. This shower cream smells of a mix between chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cake batter. What could be better than washing yourself in cake batter?! It does make me want to eat myself but I do resist because I am not a cannibal...
This has been my go to shower product over January and considering I have used it nearly all through January I still have quite a lot left. The bottle packs a lot of product in, so I have loads to use but it doesn't take up all my room in my product box.

After buying this in the sale I think I have definitely be convinced to repurchase it at full price, if they still sell it because it leaves my skin so soft after my shower that I don't always need to apply a moisturiser after, and anything that means less work for me is a winner!

Next is this Chocomania body butter which I bought for... £1.50!! How amazing Is that price! I couldn't quite believe it and my boyfriend laughed at me because I got really excited when I realised how much it was, I then tried to pick up a few more of it but he gave me evils because I'm meant to be on a spending ban... Party popper!

Anyway I divert... this again smells of all things chocolate and it just makes me want to go downstairs and start baking. As you can see from the perfect point on the product, I haven't used this yet but I am so excited to. From looking at it I think it would be a really rich body butter and leave my skin feeling amazing.

 Lastly I picked up this Blueberry body lotion for just £4, I told you I found some bargains!
This body lotion is very fruity smelling and the blueberry is a nice contrast to other lotions that smell of strawberries or the conventional fruits used in body lotions. It is very luxurious and leaves my skin really hydrated and refreshed. The smell lasts for hours so I always get a hint of blueberry through the day and unlike other lotions it isn't sticky or stiff at all, it is really easy to work into the skin and you feel like your skin just soaks it up.

I am very happy with my three purchases from The Body Shop and I cant quite believe how cheap they were, these have made me think twice about passing a Body Shop without at least having a peak at what they have inside.

Did any of you get any bargains in the sale?
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  1. I had so many body shop products it just didn't work out for me :( shame coz they're so nice

  2. Wow you picked up some amazing baragins! I love the blueberry scent - your so lucky you picked it up x



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