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Monthly Favourites | February '15

It's that time again people where I tell you guys what I have been looooving this past month and this month is a beauty biggy! I have got loads of make up bits I want to share with you so grab a tea and biscuit and rest your feet...

The first favourite isn't makeup but it is so much better! Whenever I have been at home I have been non stop watching my Sex and the City box set that I got for Christmas a few years ago. Yes I am currently watching it in bed right now as I'm writing this and I am loving life! I am definitely Charlotte. 

My next favourite is a eye pencil that I have been wearing on my eyes near enough every day. It is the Mac kohl pencil in the shade Teddy which is a lovely brown shade that really opens up your eyes. I like to wear this without mascara (on them days when I'm too lazy to take my eye makeup off at the end of the night)

Next is the Dior Addict It Lash mascara in black which is just amazing! It never clumps on me and lasts all day on my lashes. This is my go to mascara for any big day or night or just when I'm making a special effort that day. 

This month my go to foundation most days has been the Maybelline Fit Me in shade Ivory. I have been using his foundation for a while now, I've writen a few posts including it and I always find myself coming back to it because it works so well for me. 

I have never been very much into doing up my eyebrows before I saw it as a waste of time, then my sister done my eyebrows round her house and she actually had the perfect shade for me! I have been put off doing my eye brows before because I have never found a right shade for me but then my sister surprised me. What I have been using is the MUA pro brown kit in medium and dark. 

Lastly I have been loving the Revolution Blush Palette in Sugar and Spice. The colours are all very high quality and they go great with my contour as they are all darkest brownish colours (worse description ever!!) but trust me they are good :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this months favourite post and tell me what you've been loving this month :)

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  1. Loving this post girl! Want to try a new mascara so definitely going to keep that Dior Addict one in mind! xxxxx


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