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Spring Fashion #

I cant wait for spring to finally be here! I love the winter period because of Christmas, but after Christmas has gone I just want the weather to go back to normal. I'm bored of wearing coats and boots and long for the day I can wear a dress and sandals.

In that spirit I have a few items that I cant wait to use/wear in the warmer months.
This long floral blazer I purchased in the Miss Selfridges sale over Christmas and I have been itching to wear it ever since then. I think it will look great with black jeans or leggings and a nice top, I just need the weather to brighten up because I don't think I can pull this off underneath a coat because it is so long!
The photos really don't do the jacket justice so I will be doing a outfit post on it once its warm enough to wear it.

I bought this long line black and white stripe skirt from Newlook in January and it was a bit of a impulse buy as I am very very short (5 foot nothing) and so I did not know whether I could pull of this length of skirt without looking like a grandma. I've dressed it up with a plain cropped black top which I really liked the look off but again it is way too cold to think about wearing it right now.

Ripped jeans are one fashion item that I think can be worn in any weather or season. I wore my black pair during the colder months and I have my light blue pair ready to pop on when the sun is out. I'm planning on wearing these jeans when the weather perks up, these go with everything so they are a staple item for spring/summer.

Look out for a spring edition of my favourite blushes that I will be using this spring. Have you got anything you can't wait to wear this spring? 

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  1. I love the blazer, it looks gorgeous, but so do the skirt and jeans!

    I've tagged you in the sisterhood of the world blogger award, if you'd like to check it out it's on my blog x



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