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Bourjois CC cream

Bourjois CC Cream

I have already mentioned my love for this product in my Simple Face Of The Day post but I thought it deserved its own post too because it is so amazing. Now I am a person who is easily pleased I will admit it but no product has made me fall in love as easy as this CC cream.

The product claims to cover redness, dark spots and is anti-fatigue. I can honestly say that it definitely does the first two without a doubt. I have spoken before on here about the problem I have with my red cheeks, although my skincare currently is helping my problem greatly this CC cream also covers any red skin I still have perfectly. It also gives my skin a lovely glow which I find my current stash of foundations do no compare to. I am prone to have dark bags underneath my eyes from time to time and this CC cream completely covers them and doesn't crease in my eye wrinkles which is a bonus!

The glow I get with this CC cream as well as a few swipes of my W7 chubby contour stick give me the best bronzed (but not fake tanned looking) face and since starting using this product, I haven't reached for anything else. I find this product lasts all day on me and I still have the same glowy skin at 6pm as I did at 9am.

It has a super light weight texture for the coverage that it gives which is the best combination in my opinion. I never feel like my face is caked in product but I also never have the fear that my patchy skin will still be visible after applying it. I find that using this product is actually making my skin better, every time I take my makeup off when I am using this product my skin is still hydrated and even.

I don't want to harp on too much about this product but it definitely is a winner for me. I know I am a little late to the party but am I ever not? I plan to repurchase this product once I have used up the tube, which wont be too long the amount I am using it at the moment.

Have any of you tried the Bourjois CC cream? What did you think?
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  1. I need to try theis, it sounds great x


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