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My Skin History

My skin history
This photo is about 2 years ago when I was going through a
really good skin phase.

I have realised recently while writing a skincare post that I have never actually explained how my skin works to you before. I haven't told you how my skin behaves, in proper detail anyway so I thought I would write a post talking about what kind of skin I have, at present and through the years.

Lets start back in the young fun days of school... who am I kidding they were the longest days of my life! Anyway back in my teen days I had what you would call perfect skin, not to sound big headed but while all my friends had spotty skin, I never ever had spots thank god. This may have been the result of my lack of make up I used to wear at the time because over the years, the more make up I have started wearing the worse my skin has become. During my 17th year I started to get the odd spot now and again but these didn't used to be pimples, these were horrible big red spots. I didn't class this as a problem because it was very rare that I got them.

As the years have gone by since my 17th birthday I have developed very problematic skin. It has gone from normal easy to live with skin, to spotty, dry and irritated. Now don't get me wrong, I know people with much worse skin to myself but because I have been used to easy skin most of my life and obviously you are always harder on yourself, to me I would call it problem skin.

Especially over the last two years (I am 21 btw) my skin has been at its worse with my chin being my biggest problem. At one point I had continuous spot after spot for a good few months as well as very red cheeks and it really upset me during the time. At the same time my forehead and skin around my eyes was severely dry and flaky 99% of the time and that phase really prompted me to re-evaluate my skin care and invest in some more suitable products for my skin.

I completely revamped my skincare draw and threw away all my rubbish or odd products that I had collected through the years and focused on my problem areas. I'll save the products I have found that have helped me in a different post otherwise I would be sitting her writing for hours. For now I will leave you with my short skin history and ask you to tell me yours :)
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