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Best finds on eBay and Tips!

I have been buying clothes on eBay for years now thanks to my sister getting me hooked on following some really good users and recently a lot more people have been talking about their own finds on eBay which makes me very happy as before, a lot of people wouldn't buy clothes on eBay or they wouldn't admit to it.

Today I am going to show you my five favourite items I have found on eBay over the years and give you a few tips on buying clothing on eBay because their are some snags you have to watch out for.

Firstly here are a few tips when you are buying anything on eBay...

#Always check the measurements! Just because it says uk size 10 doesn't mean it will fit you if it is from china. Use a tape measure to measure your assets and check them against the guide.

#Check the country - If you are looking for an outfit to wear in the next few weeks, check where the item is being sent from. If its not England don't expect to see your clothes until next month at the earliest.

#Check the material - Some times from places like china, they show amazing chiffon shirts and dresses but when they come to your door they are a horrible static see through material and they end up going in your bin. So check what the description says it made from.

Now let me show you my five favourite purchases on eBay to date, half of these I have wrote a post on already so you know that these are loved and worn.

del boy coat eBay
I absolutely love this coat and practically live in it when the weather is cold. It is a really nice warm material and although I have worn it to death last year it still looks brand new. I wrote a whole blog post about it here.

little black dress eBay
This dress is one of my favourite presents I have ever received, My sister bought me this on eBay about 2 years ago and as you can see from the photo I was much skinner back then (that was when I was addicted to the gym I think) so the dress looked great at the time. Sadly I don't fit in the dress anymore because I have become a whale in comparison to then but I still keep the dress in my wardrobe waiting until the day I can show it some love again.

little black dress eBay
This dress I bought for my Christmas party last year and even though I was as sick as a dog at the party, I loved my dress and can't wait for a new occasion to wear it and give it a better night then what I allowed my sick self to have at Christmas. This dress is so girlie and fitted me perfectly (although I didn't really have the boobs to fill it :()

Owl shirt eBay
This owl shirt I have also talked about before both here and here. It is the prettiest design and is quite baggy so I can wear it tucked into skirts or shorts but also wear it really loose with leggings or jeans. I have quite a large collection of pattern shirts I wear during the colder months and this is one of my favourites.

ebay pink shiffon shirt
Lastly is this gorgeous chiffon waterful blazer in this pretty pale pink colour which my sister got me for my birthday or Christmas a few years ago. It goes lovely on top of dresses for a formal look but it also goes nice with jeans and a plain top.

If you were debating whether to buy the cute dress you saw on eBay but were a little cautious because it is eBay, as long as you check the info in the descriptions you should have no problems. I have bought quite a lot of things on eBay and even now I still get stuff and think 'that's rubbish' and end up not keeping it but that's the fun of ordering.

Please also remember that if you are buying a dress for £3-5 you are getting a item worth £3-5. Yes some things from china are amazing quality like some of my finds but they are still cheap so don't expect Zara worthy products and you'll be fine.
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