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My Top 3 Face Masks

Lush wiki 7th heaven mask magnaminty

If you have been around here for a while you will know that face masks are my favourite type of skincare for many reasons. They are so relaxing to use, they really deeply clean your skin and they are great to do with other people. Here are three of my favourite masks at the moment. 

The Refreshing Mask - Lush Mask Of Magnaminty 
This mask is something I picked up after reading a post about how it was great for pimples and bumps on your skin. I read it and thought 'I need this in my life' so went to my nearest Lush store and bought it. I had no idea it would be so refreshing, it is a peppermint scent which really opens up your nose. It is really refreshing on the skin and it has little bits of something (I don't know to be honest but I am assuming peppermint?) which also exfoliates my skin while I rub it in. My skin feels so clear after I have used it that I never want to put make up on and ruin my fresh face. 

The Deep Cleaning Mask - Wilko Kiss x Clay Purifying Face Mask
I have already spoken about this mask in a post here so I won't drone on and on about it too much. This mask I like to use when my skin is having a bad day and is either really dried out or feeling really clogged. It has a thick consistency which is great for covering your whole face and dries hard after being on your skin for a while. When it starts to crack or tingle (when it tingles you know it is working) that is when I usually wash it off with a flannel and my skin always feel so clean afterwards. This is great for them days when you wake up and no facial washes are making your skin feel clean. This was also only a few pounds in Wilko so it is a skincare bargain. 

The Cheap Easy One - 7th Heaven Blemish Mud 
I have bought loads of this sachets over the years for a quick and easy treatment and since they are only a £1 you can't go wrong with them. I always bring these to girlie nights round peoples houses and I have bought a few to put in little pamper sets for friends birthdays. There are so many different types as well, I have a few material masks from 7th Heaven in my draw as well that I am saving for when my skin is really dry. 
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  1. I love face masks too, they are just so relaxing and spa like! Great post x


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