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Whats In My Bag | 2016

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Call me a nosey parker but I do love reading posts about peoples bedrooms, houses, make up collections and hand bags. I'm sure everyone is like me and keeps everything no matter how random in their handbag including the kitchen sink, which makes carrying it around the hardest chore ever. The one time I do leave something at home you can be sure I will need it that day!

Today I'm giving you nosey parkers a look inside my handbag for the first time - The handbag I am currently using is my River Island Christmas present from Cal which I loveeeeeee! (sold out online sorry!)

  • My empty purse (river island)
  • My house and car keys (including fluffy cat ball)
  • My work notebook which has important info in 
  • My mini notebook for writing blog post ideas
  • An array of 3 different lip balms -currently two baby lips and a EPOS
  • Current Perfume -Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue
  • Mitchum Underarm Deodorant (for them annoying hot flushes...)
  • Benefit Boiing concealer 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Powder 
  • A little hair clip which I don't leave anywhere without, it is basically a part of me
  • 3 black hair bands 
  • My Newlook bobble hat 
  • My BodyShop Strawberry Hand cream (the best thing ever!!)
  • Chewing Gum -for obvious reasons
  • A big bundle of tissue (unused!)
  • A packet of pain relief tablets (usually for Cal)
  • An array of make up brushes which I used first thing that morning 
  • My watch -that I probably took off around 2 o'clock when it started to annoy me
  • A pair of head phones -which I forgot I had in there so never used
  • An lastly my phone because I am lost without it

I told you it was going to end random! What random things do you find in your handbag which make you question why there were put in their in the first place?
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  1. Brilliant post!! I think we're all guilty of carrying around everything for fear of actually needing it! Haha! Although my bag is very empty! hahahahaa!

    1. I wish my bag was empty what is your secret?? xx

  2. Love your bag!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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