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Barcelona Buys + Mac Makeover

Ahh being back from holiday is always bitter sweet. I missed my bed and room like crazy over there but being back at work makes me crave the feel of being in a different country.
I went back to Barcelona with Cal at the beginning of the month which was amazing but I have the holiday blues now I am back at work :(

Anywho I picked up a few goodies over there to try out and I have not been disappointed. I'll start with the first items I bought, a bargain pack of three Clinique lipsticks for £30 at the airport. Considering Clinique lipsticks can range from £16-20 each I think I done well with my purchase. In the pack you get three colours; Sweet Pop, Bare pop and Cherry pop and these are all colours that I would wear so I am really excited to try them.

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Next I ventured into a random Spanish makeup shop and really wanted something to bring back with me so I purchased a lipstick for only 5 euros which is crazy cheap. The make of the product is called Etnia and the brands website is all in Spanish so I can't even tell you anything about them but I will let you know how I get on with it in case I make a try back to Spain for some more!

Lastly in Barcelona I came across a shop very similar to our Superdrug and Boots, which sold Revolution palettes for 4-5 euros. which is amazing! I controlled myself and only picked up two (but I could have walked out with them all). The palettes are Salvation and Iconic Pro which I am so excited about! I already have some favourite shades which I can't wait to use.

Clinqiue, Revolution,Mac, Etnia, barcelona, spain, makeover,

When I came back from holiday I also had a little late birthday surprise present from my sister which was a Mac Makeover in the Debemhams store in Mk. I have always wanted to try out Mac foundation but after a bad experience where a girl matched me wrong and I ended up looking ill and ghost like, I have steered clear of them so this was really exciting for me. I got her to teach me how to do soft smokey eyes and a cute little cat flick, I didn't take any photos of the makeup annoyingly before I went to bed so I can't show you but I would definitely recommend the experience! It costs £30 for the session and then at the end you can take home £30 worth of Mac products which I think is a great deal.

I picked up the foundation she used on me which was the Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 and a Cremesheen Glass Gloss she used on me in the shade Delight. Both I have used everyday since purchasing them tbh! The only annoying thing about them is that the foundation didn't come with a pump, what foundations now a days don't include pumps??

I'm sure most of these products will crop up in a makeup look or favourites post soon so this won't be the last time you see them. I'd love to know what other Mac products you think I should I try out!
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  1. I absolutely love makeup revolution and those palettes look so gorgeous, and the price as well in Euros means they are cheaper! The Etnia lipsticks sort of remind me of the Clinique Colour pop lipsticks! xx



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