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What I've Been Reading Lately | Part 2

I love sitting in bed curled up in my pjs reading a good book and in my last book post I talked about my favourite book series' to read and now I have for you some more books I have been reading which I just love. To give you a breakdown of what type of books I love, I mainly read young adult romance fiction but I also love a good action book with magic in.

That Secret We're Keeping by Rebecca Done 
This book really pulled on my heart strings but because of the concept of the book I felt kind of ashamed to admit it. The story follows a man and women who meet again after 10 years of no contact, they met a decade ago when he was a teacher and she was a pupil. They had a relationship and get caught out which is why they have had no contact. Most of the book is in the preysent tense with a few chapters thrown in from the past to tell you exactly how they started and ended their relationship. I will admit this book made me cry and with it being a taboo subject you may be surprised to know I was crying because I was routing for the couple so much. I love this book a lot and it is a real tense pull on the heart strings kind of read.

You and Me, Always By Jill Mansell 
This has to be my favourite book of the year so far! It is about a girl who meets a famous guy and of course they fall for each other (who wouldn't) but waiting in the wings has always been the friend of hers who is a big player and wouldn't look at her in a million years because they are friends. Like any human who has just realised the person they have loved for years but never done anything about now has a rich sexy actor boyfriend, he gets jealous. While all of this is going on the girl is trying to track down the man who was her mothers only true love so that she put together more pieces of the mother she lost too soon. I go really invested in this book and it started a love affair with the Author, I recently downloaded seven more books of hers and the last book I read was Falling For You by Jill and I would really recommend it!

The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank 
The concept of this book is absolutely hilarious of meeting a stranger on a plane and leaving the airport with a pretend fiancee to please a super high maintenance mum who would make the characters life a misery if she knew the truth. The main male character Josh is so dreamy I can admit that I fell for this fictional character a little bit. You know a book is good when you fall for a made up character.  This is the kind of book for when you need a little pick me up because it light hearted, romantic and hilarious.

Love Me, Love Me Not by S.M Koz
This book has very adult themes but is such a good read and really got me invested. It follows a girl who hasn't had an easy life in foster care and ends up living with a real genuine nice lad and his parents. Of course her old life comes back to haunt her and that plus a jealous ex girlfriend nearly ruin her nice new life. Some parts made me feel really sad for the characters and my heart went out to Hailey the main girl most of the time as she just has bad luck. This includes real adult themes and a dodgy druggie ex boyfriend who I hate so much with a passion.
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