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6 Ways To Be More Present In The Everyday

6 Ways To Be More Present In The Everyday
6 Ways To Be More Present In The Everyday

I recently felt like a robot living my life day by day and not enjoying my life. This has made me want to change my outlook on life and be more present in my everyday.

I am trying to stick to these 6 things that will help me be more positive.
1. Leave your phone alone
My old work had a number of group chats which all took over my life and pinged all day every day, I am learning to leave my phone in my bag while I'm out so I can enjoy what is happening around me. I was always getting told to put my phone away so now I don't let it rule my life. Its much more peaceful. 
2. Look for the positives in things 
I've been letting my bad mood ruin my days off and now I am starting to think positive about everything. Its easy to focus on the negatives in life but its more important to focus on the positives around us. 
3. Make plans for something to look forward to 
Being too busy to life your life is the worst. Making plans, catching up with friend and enjoying life is what it is all about.
4. Get out in the fresh air every day 
I love going on walks in the summer and the winter, it calms and relaxes me and iis great to do with another person or by yourself. It gets you out of the house and into the sunshine and that can make all the difference. 
5.  Every day is a brand new beginning
It doesn't matter what has happened yesterday every day is a new day. We have a chance for a new start 365 times a year so take that chance and make each day count.
6.  Watch the world around you 
Magical things happen everyday and everywhere so take in what is happening around you and live in that moment. 
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