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My Royal Wedding Party & My Favourite Outfits

Wasn't the royal wedding just gorgeous? It was better than I expected and everything I wanted it to be. I have to honest I wasn't the biggest fan of Meghan before the wedding but seeing them two together and looking so in love, I'm a big fan now. She looked absolutely flawless. 

As soon as the wedding was announced 6 months ago I decided I wanted to have a wedding party at my house because I missed William and Kate's wedding because of work so nothing was making me miss this one. Callum did make fun of me for all the effort I put into the food but it was my first party in my new house! 

For food I over bought and stocked up on savory and sweet snacks. My savory side of the table included sausage rolls, cocktails sausages, scotch eggs, bread sticks and dips, hot cross buns and cherry scones. All the good food you can imagine! Then on the sweet side included jam tarts, chocolate fingers, cherry bakewells, viennese whirls, jammy dodgers, short bread and party rings. I did over buy on the food but you never want to run out of food, Callum is very happy with the left overs he has now for lunch. 

Before the wedding started I prepared all the food for 11 which was when everyone was arriving and I think my spread looked pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Once everything was ready for the party I finally got ready and dressed, probably too dressed up to watch a wedding on the tv round my own house but any excuse to get dress up am I right?

Then it was wedding time! The girls all came round for 11 so we could watch all the guests arrive at the church and boy was David Beckham representing.  Both Callum and I have a crush on him but his is probably bigger than mine! The girls from the Suits cast looked absolutely amazing and even though I have never watched an episode in my life, I knew exactly which girls they were because of their amazing outfits and presence. My favourite outfit of the day has to be Amal Clooney in her amazing yellow Stella McCartney dress, she was the embodiment of class. 

Another dress which caught my eyes straight away and was totally up my street was Abigail Spencer from Suits who looked stunning in her blue and white polka dot timeless dress by Alessandra Rich

When Meghan arrived she looked absolutely stunning and seeing her looking so beautiful and elegant made me fall in love with her. Her dress was so simple yet elegant and stunning at the same time, perfect for her. The ceremony was just absolutely perfect (except for the super long speech from the american priest)  and I loved how untraditional it was. Watching the way Harry looked at Meghan throughout the whole thing was so spell bounding you could tell how in love they both are and it is so romantic. 

Once the wedding was over it was time to get my shorts on and get them sun rays from my garden. We all ended up having a sun bathing sess in my garden and continued pigging out on food.  

I am so happy for the couple and seeing their wedding is making me so excited to plan mine and Callum's big day whenever we end up having it. 

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