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How to style Tartan

Over the last year, tartan print has been very popular (to the amusement of my mum who used to wear it when she was young) and it seems to be everywhere now.
I know some people are steering clear of this print as they think it is over used and/or they might not be too sure how to put it in an outfit.
The good thing about clothing stores is that when they see that a style or print is popular they make everything in that print, trust me I work in a clothes shop. Therefore you have lots of options of how to wear it, whether you want to go for a bright red pattern or just a plain black and white.
To help you out, here is how I would style the different tartan prints that I have :)
Top - Newlook
Leggings - Forever 21
Shoes - Newlook

I choose to pair my black and white tartan leggings with a burgundy cami top and black wedges, I picked the burgundy top to give the outfit a kind of a dark/grunge look, but you can also wear it with a bright top like this summery baby blue cami. 
 I think the leggings give off a great effect when you wear them, as if the pattern moves when you move.

I will be doing a separate blog post just about these leggings after because I think they are so versatile that you can wear them with so many types of clothes.

Top - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - Internationale

This skirt is really easy to style, pair it with a plain coloured top or a subtle print and your sorted. I put it with a plain blue chiffon shirt with a really beautiful sequined collar, the design on the collar almost looks like it matches the pattern of the skirt perfectly. Plus the skirt really cinches in your waist!
Dress - Primark
Necklace - Select
Belt - Off a skirt from Newlook
 Lastly here is my tartan dress from Primark. I know most people who jumped on the tartan band wagon have some form of tartan dress, in all shapes, colours and sizes, and this is the style that caught me eye. It is super cute and looks great with chunky jewellery and a black belt. Here is a photo of me the day I wore it, with little black boots, black tights and my leather jacket, it all worked really well together.

Hope you enjoyed this 'How To' post and it encourages some of you to branch out and try some tartan on! :)
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