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Revlon Lip Butters


During the summer I purchased some highly recommended Lip Butters by Revlon and I fell in love, seriously I have used them so so much since I purchased them. If I couldn't buy another lip product for the rest of my life, I think I'd be alright.

First of all I love the packaging of this lip product, I love that they are more square then circle and the design makes them look more expensive that they actually are. They really aren't expensive at all and I usually get them in Boots 3for2 promotion so that's even better!

I have four colours in the lip butters, the four I think are most wearable. The first colour is called 'Pink Lemonade' (047) and is a lovely pale baby pink colour which looks great if you are wearing a lot of eye make up, it gives your lips a peachy/pink colour and doesn't look too much for a casual make up look. I always go to this product when I don't have anywhere special to go or have dressed really casual that day. 


My next colour is call 'Tutti Frutti' (015) and it is a really rich orange colour. I personally have found that I don't really suit this colour, I think the colour is too orange for me, I think I would suit more of a coral shade rather than this bright orange. But it is still a nice shade that would look great during the summer months with bright coloured clothes, maybe it would suit me more when I'm on holiday and I have a tan? Maybe, I won't write it off for me just yet.

My next colour is called 'Sweet Tart' (090) and it is a really rich pink, it is a really wearable pink and looks great with both minimal and bold make up. I found this shade is very much like my Collection 2000 Lasting colour lipstick in shade 'Sweet Tart' (8) but the Revlon Lip Butters are more creamy and moisturising on my lips. 


My last shade is definitely my favourite, 'Wild Watermelon' (063). The colour is amazing, a really nice red shade that isn't too bold, doesn't take over your face and suits most skin tones I've found. I love this colour a lot and wear it so often. I definitely prefer wearing this lip butter to any actually red lip stick, and I have a lot red lipsticks in my collection (all different shades of course, I'm not silly)


I would definitely recommend these lip butters so go try them out if your like bright coloured lip products that really moisturise your lips while you wear them :)
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  1. We love this product as well! They are so nice to apply compared to traditional lipsticks! Great post! We also nominate you for the Liebster Award! It is an award for new bloggers! Check out our blog for all the rules! :) Reb-Elle xx http://therebellejournal.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/liebster-award.html

  2. I own all these shades and I absolutely love them! Like you, I've always picked them up during one of Boots 3 for 2 offers! They go on so creamy and smooth, and people always ask me what I'm wearing on my lips whenever I have these! I can't actually praise these enough, and I'm glad someone else likes them as much as me!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx


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