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Battle of the hand creams

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am bringing you a 'battle off' of my favourite and least favourite hand creams. Some I have bought myself while others I have got in monthly Birchboxes (*) so have a read and if you have tried any of the hand creams, let me know your thoughts on them. For each hand cream I've broke them down into three categories that I'll talk about (smell, feel, work?) and then I've rated them all out of 5. So lets get started!

Soap and Glory's Hand Food

Smell - this hand cream isn't the best smelling hand cream unlike the rest of the soap and glory range which smells amazing, but it still isn't an unpleasant smell.

Feel - it is quite greasy so I wouldn't put it on just before you need to actually use your hands as you wont be able to open a bottle of water straight after.

Work? - it is a good hand cream and does leave your hands feeling smooth after.


Nivea smooth nourishing hand cream

Smell - this cream smells a lot like holiday to me as it reminds me of sun tan lotion and pool water, which makes me happy and makes me feel like I'm on holiday (and makes me want to go on holiday even more!)

Feel - this has a thick consistency which applies really well and a little goes a long way.

Work? - this leaves my hands feeling super smooth and nourished for a long time after I've applied it.


Lavera hand cream* (Organic)

Smell - this hand cream smells very fruity and citrus(y) which can really wake you up if you use it first thing in the morning.

Feel - this cream has a very thin consistency so it is easy to spread it around your hands and as you start to rub it into your skin and work it in, the scent does come out more.

Work? - this is a good hand cream and does a good job of keeping my hands soft.


Molton brown replenishing hand cream*

Smell - this again smells very fruity and citrus(y) like the Lavera hand cream.

Feel - this has a thick consistency and feels very luxurious on your hands.

Work? - this hand cream leaves my hand feeling really soft for a good while.


I think its obvious who the clear winner is in this battle, I continuously use the Nivea hand cream every day and keep it in my bag so that I can top up my hands when they are starting to feel dry. The tube that it comes in is a good size so it has lasted me ages and I still have so much left to use, it is just an all round winner for me.

Have you guys used any of these creams? Which is your favourite? :)
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