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Lush Volcano Foot Mask


I recently went into the Lush store and was on the hunt for something a bit different to what I already had at home. I have face masks, I have moisturizers and scrubs, I have toners so I went in wanting to find something new. Something interesting I did find! I don't know about some of you but I did not know they made foot masks, I love the idea of a mask for your feet!

I was really excited to try it out and see whether it worked like a face mask (obviously it wouldn't get rid of spots because I would hope no one has spots on their feet!). Just like a face mask you take a generous amount of product on your hand and rub the product all over your feet covering the whole surface. It suggests on the label, once all of your feet are covered, to then wrap them up in cling film. Now I have used it with and without cling film and it has worked both times so it all down to your own preference. Once you have covered your feet in the mask and wrapped them up in cling film (or not) you can just sit back and relax for 20 minutes while it does its magic.

20 minutes later...

After 20 minutes you simply just wash the mask off with some water in the shower and your done. The first time I used this mask I was completely shocked, I didn't expect so much dirt to come off my feet (which I didn't think were that dirty in the first place).

My feet were really soft and refreshed after I used the mask and so I'm telling you all to indulge in the hype around this product. It wont disappoint! Since I've bought this product I've been using it at least once a week and it works everytime! :) 
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