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Autumn mad

It may be a little premature but I am soo excited for autumn and winter! I love fashion when the weather is a bit colder. The colours are more wearable, the material and patterns are more cosy and you can throw on anything and make it work during the day. 

My Pinterest is already full of autumn/winter looks that I can't wait to wear and I'm going to show you what I am loving for autumn already. Follow my Pinterest here...

So first of all one of my favourite looks for autumn is wearing skirts/dresses with jumpers on the top. I think it looks so cute and girlie but your still covered up and if the weather does turn warmer you can just take off the jumper. 
I wear dresses all through the year but I much prefer to wear a dress with tights and boots in the colder months, than in the summer with nothing else. 

My second favourite autumn look is blue jeans, big boots and an oversized jumper or cardigan. I have a little boots obsession which I am quite proud of. I find boots soo comfortable to wear and I prefer to have my feet covered up rather than have them on show in a sandal. 
Jeans are so easy to wear you can just throw them on with anything and leave the house so on them days when it's cold outside but you need to run out somewhere or you want to go for a walk in the countryside (my favourite thing to do), this look is perfect. 


My last look for autumn is one that I have started wearing already, collared shirts underneath jumpers and thicker tops. I love a collar me and I will put a shirt underneath anything; a jumper, a dress, another shirt! Wearing a shirt underneath a jumper turns a perhaps boring outfit into a more interesting look. 



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  1. this has made a tad excited for Autumn!:)x


  2. So much outfit inspo in one post! I can't wait for Autumn too! xo


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