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Monthly Favourites | August '14

I haven't wrote a favourites post since May so this feels a little bit weird.. but I'm just going to roll with it! Hopefully once I get into it, it will come naturally to me again and I'll ramble on like I normally do :)

I have a few things that I have been loving during the month of August so ill get straight into them!

Argon Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray
I picked this spray up from a cheapy Home Bargins kind of store at the beginning of the month because I was still looking for a product to really help my hair become more healthy after I dyed it. I have Argon Oils at home but I was intrigued by this leave in spray. I can honestly say it is so much better than normal oil. It works straight away to make your hair feel soft, it makes it easier for you to brush through your hair after a shower and it also has heat defence qualities.

Wearing shirt collars underneath tops/jumpers
I have talked about this in my Autumn Mad blog post already so it shouldn't be any surprise that one of my August favourites is shirt collars. They look good under anything and make a simple casual outfit look more girlie.

Ripped Jeans
Who isn't loving ripped jeans right now? They look so put together with plain t-shirts for a casual look or with shirts for a more funky smart look. I have been living in my light blue ripped jeans for weeks now and everyone seems to love them.

Nail vanish remover pots
These are just the best invention in the world! All I need is one for my toe nails and my life will be complete. I love wearing nail vanish but because I use my hands a lot for work they get chipped often. I find it annoying having to keep taking the nail vanish off every couple of days so I gave up painting my nails until I discovered they beautiful little pots. Hats off to who ever invented them!

MUA power pout colour tint and balm
I bought this lip tint at the end of last month and I haven't stopped using it since. The colour is easily wearable during the day and it lives up to its balm title, it never dries out my lips which is great during these colder months.

The Mindy Project
Mindy is basically living my life (apart from getting all the hot guys and being in medicine and being American...), she is hilarious and I cant wait for the next episode. If you don't watch this show then they is something wrong with you.

And there we have it, short and sweet!
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