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Most Loved This Winter

Over the winter period I have had a few items that have been well loved during the cold weather.

The first is a Christmas gift from Cal which I have been throwing on most days as it is so cosy and comfy. It is this baggy oversized cardigan from Primark which is so easy to throw over a dress and jeans . I have also been living in my black off-colour ripped jeans as some days it is just too cold to where tights even if they are thick. I don't do the cold so its nice to wear jeans and a baggy jumper to keep warm, although some times my knees were a little cold! On the really cold days and nights I have been wearing my 'bad hair day' hat from Newlook. It does give me really bad hat hair but it is so handy when its is really cold. Lastly is a pair of black boots which I have been living it. They have come in so handy during the snowy weeks as they are really sturdy and have grips. They did take some getting used to as I am not used to such heavy footwear but now I slip them on with comfort and wear them with everything.

What have you loved over the winter period? 

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