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How to get over a stressful day

If any of you work in retail in particular then you will know how it feels to get home after a stressful day of wanting to rip your hair out, literally. If you've had a hard day or everyone has just annoyed you and the thought of going back tomorrow makes you want to cry. Here's a list of things I tend to do to get over one of them horrible days.

  • Change you clothes - even if you don't wear a uniform it is nice to change your clothes so that you don't feel like you are still at work.
  • Eat your favourite food - going to your favourite restaurant for your favourite food or having your favourite takeaway can make you forget about your day.
  • Go for a walk - I love going for long walks in the country side when I have something on my mind. I always have my best brainwaves when I'm on my own in the quite.
  • Put on a face mask - nothing is more refreshing then properly cleansing and cleaning your face when you feel like your day is clogging your mind (and your face)
  • Be around people - when I am having a bad day I tend to actually sit in the living room and watch trashy evening tv with my parents because it takes my mind off my troubles.
  • Have a long sleep - need I explain why?!
  • Stick on your favourite romcom- you know the one where the guy is super hot and you love the lead girl because she reminds you of yourself.
  • Stick on your favourite youtubers - I love a good get ready with me
  • Have a good old cuddle of someone who makes you happy - saved the best for last really :) 
What do you do to get over a rubbish day? 
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  1. Lounge wear is a must! I always have some comfortable jogging bottoms and hoodie purely for getting into when I get home after a long day at university. A long soak in your favourite bath scent can also be really good for feeling like you're washing away the stresses of the day. Great tips :) x

    Ornella || euhnella |


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