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Chelsea | One Year On

Chelsea One Year On Look Back On 20s Birthday

I turned 21 in April and I wanted to write a post on what has changed in my life since my last birthday post Chelsea In 5 Years and although it is only a year on, I thought I would tell you guys about a few things I have done in my first year of my 20s.

Firstly I have travelled to more and further places then ever before. I have drove to Cambridge, Oxford and Peterborough a number of times now and practically know the route like the back of my hand. I have always been a bit of a careful person when it comes to travelling to new places especially by myself but I have definitely found my driving bug to explore new places, even driving to a little town called Biggleswade which I had no idea where it was but I made it there and back in one piece.

My mission for this year is to finally make it onto the motorway, hopefully if I can gather the courage!

Because I have travelled to more places this has meant that I have worked in loads more stores as well, even working in a busy retail park twice. All of this is experience for when I progress in my career and boy am I waiting on a change in that department!

You guys will all know by now that I have a new boyfriend, well not that new since I have been with him for 9 months, and that he started off as and has continued to be one of my best friends. Although he hates when I call him it and I don't like to gush too much on here as I don't think you really want to know too much detail but he is definitely the best boyfriend. So I am thankful that our relationship began this year.

Lastly, it was only this year that I really started to take my blog more seriously and planned to post more frequently and by a schedule every week to show that I was committed to the space and that it meant something to me. Because of this something I didn't expect to happen happened, more people started reading it and now I have over 200 followers which I am so pleased about and something I never thought would happen. I didn't see 10 people reading my little blog as I didn't have much hope about it when I first made it, it was just a space to write my own thoughts on products and where I could basically say what I wanted. So thank you :)

Hopefully this year continues to have more great experiences and memories that I will cherish forever. Just on Sunday Cal and I booked our first summer holiday together in Gran Canaria so I am really excited about that. Of course there will be loads of holiday related posts coming your way over the next 3 months until I go you lucky things!
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