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Favourite Moisturisers | Clinique

Clinique Dramatically Different Superdefense creams
Soz about the bad quality photo - I'll do better next time!

When I find a product that I think works for me I like to use it and use it and use it until there is either none left or I am sick of it. The two creams I'm going to talk about today are no different.

The cream I have using in the day is the Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling super moisturised, like the name suggests. This moisturiser is for people with very dry to dry combination skin and since I suffer from spats of horrible dry skin, this works perfectly to give it a boost. I use this cream during the day because it has a thinner consistency so sinks into my skin quickly, this makes applying my make up quicker and easier in the morning. It also has a SPF20 in it so it is perfect for underneath your makeup in the summer (if we ever get any sun in England)

The cream I use at night is the Dramatically Different Moisturising cream which I picked up in Barcelona after a mighty big hunt for it. This cream is more thick than the daily defense cream so it great to use during the night to give back your skin the moisture it has lost during the day. This again is for very dry to dry combination skin and it works wonders on my skin after a long day of wearing make up. With both these creams my face feels super soft an hydrated even on my worst skin days.

I love the packaging of these creams, they look so sleek in my bathroom draw and I know its not about the packaging its about the product inside, but you cant argue that these creams look dreamy. All of my other face creams have fallen to the back of my bathroom draw and I don't see myself using anything on my face anytime soon.

Let me know if you have tried and loved these products too!
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  1. you're right, these do look dreamy! glad you've found some things that work well for your skin :)

    Love, Krista | www.lovekrista.com

    1. they are aren't they, thanks! :) xx


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