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Holiday Shoes From Primark

I love a good pair of Primark shoes and when I went into their Northampton store this week they didn't disappoint me! My main reason I went in their (apart from to spend all my wages) was to find some nice shoes to take on holiday with me. Although I tend to keep shoes for a few years and love bringing out an old pair to wear, I hadn't bought any sandals in ages so decided I needed a new pair for holiday.
I ended up leaving with three which is pretty good for me considering these were the only three things I bought.

My first pair are my new bargain babies! I found these as I was leaving the show department and fell in love with them. When I picked them up I realized they were my size and were only £6, it was fate. They are so comfortable to walk in and more importantly they are soooooo pretty! These will be the heels I take with me on holiday to wear most nights because they will go with every single one of my outfits. 

Primark Holiday Shoes Summer

I also picked up these black and brown flat sandals which are so comfortable to walk in, I feel like I'm not wearing anything. These were only £8 each which is really good and me being me, I picked up both colours so that they went with all my outfits. 

Primark Holiday Shoes Summer

I think I'm sorted for shoes for my holiday now so if i see myself walking into a shoe department before then, I need to turn back around and removed myself from the pretty shoes before my bank balance gets abused. 
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  1. These shoes are lovely, I can't believe they are from Primark! x


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