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Lush haul no drought dry shampoo enchanted eye cream d'fluff shaving foam

I went shopping today and had a little looky in Lush and picked up some gems I have been waiting to try for a while now and today, I was in a spending mood. 

Firstly I picked up the No Drought dry shampoo which I have been intrigued with for a while. I have seen people post about this product saying it is the best dry shampoo they have ever tried and I have also seen people say that it isnt good at all and it makes their hair go greasy after half an hour. I am someone who likes to make my own opinion on a product and not just swear it off because someone else (who may have different hair and skin) doesn't like a product. I told the girl who worked there I wanted something to give my hair a bit of lift and life as my hair always ends up flat. I'm excited to try this as I am trying to be more adventurous with my hair lately, hope this lasts longer than last time!

Next I picked up the Enchanted Eye Cream after Maddie Bruce talked about it on her Skincare Routine video which you can watch here. I have a few eye creams that I go between but I have never found one that really helps clear my eyes of bags and tired lines. I haven't slept properly for probably a good few months so I have had constant lines under my eyes which don't scream glamorous. I'm hoping this eye cream will help my eyes look more rested and I will definitely give you guys an update on this.  

Lastly is a product that I have been watching for months and finally thought 'lets just give it a go'. For years I have waxed my underarm hair and been perfectly happy doing that, but my armpits have always been sensitive since I started and it has got the point now where I think waxing my armpits has damaged the skin. 
So I have boy-cotted waving now and am trying to find alternatives to remove my underarm hair more gently. I currently use Soap and Glory's Clean, Girls body wash to shave my armpits with as it lathers up quite good compared to normal soap but I picked up the D'Fluff Strawberry shaving soap today because the texture drew me in. The consistency is so thick that I think it must be amazing to shave with. I may be completely wrong but I can't wait to use it and I am slightly disappointed that I shaved my armpits this morning so I have to wait to use it. 

If any of you have tried these products comment below what you opinions of them are! :) 
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