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Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap = Heaven

Lush D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap

I told you guys in my Little Lush Shop that I would let you know whether I loved or really loved Lush's strawberry shaving soap and I can confirm.... I love love love it! It sounds incredibly weird to say that I love a shaving soap but it is the best thing I have used to shave with my whole life.

Since I was about 16  I have dry shaved my legs and bikini and waxed my armpits, that was my routine and I was happy with it, but I do regret it now a days because my skin is quite irritated from all the years of waxing and dry shaving. One shave with my trusty Wilkinson Sword Quattro and the Lush shaving soap and my bikini, legs and even armpits were incredible. I didn't really expect much from the soap as I have been shaving my body since I was about 15 and dry shaving your bikini is possibly the worst thing to do (I have learn since doing so) but the soap left my skin so soft and smooth and no sign of hairs or even shadow on all three places.

Warning: A little pre warning for you guys, I have very sensitive skin area my bikini which is why I have only ever shaved that area. Two days after using this shaving foam I came out in a horrible red rash around my bikini line where I used it. It may just be my skin being funny but I would be careful when using this around your bikini and do a small test patch first, silly me didn't and now i'm paying for it :(

The great thing about this product is that because it is from Lush there are no harmful ingredients to irritate me (about from my funny bikini skin) and I have even told my sister who has very sensitive skin and can only use Dove soap to try this out on her arms and legs as it is so good. You can use it in the shower and add water to it to cover your whole legs with and your ready to shave and you don't need a lot of product as it lathers up the perfect amount.

It feels very weird to be writing a whole post about a shaving soap and to be raving so much about it but it is the most incredible thing I have ever tried and makes shaving a whole lot easier and less painful. Lastly I want to add that because this is still shaving, this product doesn't magically spot the hairs from coming back and like shaving with any other soap, the hairs come back in a few days(that's one thing I miss about waxing). But this soap makes it super easy to get rid of the hairs in the shower when needed. I feel like I am going to go through so many of these pots but it is worth it, i'm trying to convince Cal to use this on himself!
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  1. Another product that I didn't know I needed, but it's clearly missing from my routine.

    Beka. xo


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