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Body Shop Sale Bargains #2

Body shop sale scrub shower gel

Every time  Bodyshop have a sale I am in there like a rabbit on heat (worst analogy to use Chelsea!) but you get the gist of how much I love a Bodyshop sale. My last sale post is here for you to read. I never like to go crazy in Bodyshop otherwise I would leave with every scrub in the place so I limit myself to two or three products at a time and these are the two products I picked.

I picked up their shower gel in the scent Pink Grapefruit which, I didn't know until now, is my favourite scent ever. It is so fresh and fruity and just that little bit over powering? The gel makes my skin smell amazing and feel so smooth and hydrated. The gel is a soap free body cleanser which I didn't know exists but totally understand that by the way my skin feels afterwards. Plus the bottle is absolutely huge at 750ml and you don't need too much product which is great, it only cost me £8 which is amazing for such a big bottle.

I also picked up the most amazing smelling scrub of my entire life. If I never use this scrub ever I will still think it is worth buying just for the smell. This heavenly scrub I am talking about is the Early Harvest Raspberry body scrub, I don't really understand the name but I don't really care. The scrub is this really dark jelly like formula which is packed full of raspberry seeds, you rub the seed and the jel into your skin and buff away any dead skin. It leaves your skin smelling amazing, I really can't get over the smell. I have never really been a big fan of raspberries or their smell but I could smell this scrub all day. This big tub is also really cheap at just £6.50 so I would pay that just for the smell.

Body shop sale scrub shower gel
I do feel like the only thing you are going to take away from this post is that I buy things mainly based on smell but I do I can't denie it so take my advice and run to your nearest Bodyshop right now before all the Raspberry body scrubs are gone.
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  1. You picked up some great products in the Body Shop and they were bargains too! x

  2. You got some great products. I've done well during this sale and not picked anything up, purely because I always buy something every time The Body Shop emails me with a sale.

    Beka. xo


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