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New In | Dr.Organic Face Scrub and Mask

Dr.Organic Face Mask and Scrub

Its funny the things you find in the most unexpected places. A few weeks ago I went into Holland and Barrett with my sister so that she could pick up some tablets that apparently help you hair to grow (wouldn't that be amazing) and I spotted these face products on the shelve. I have never tried Dr.Organic Bioactive Skincare before and being me, I couldn't leave the shop without them. 

The scrub is one of the best scrubs I have ever used on my face because you can actually feel every granule on your face and see the dead skin just come off. I think if i used another one of my face scrubs that was a little more gentle on the skin and then used this scrub, the honey scrub would still find dead skin to remove. You can use this scrub dry or with water first but when my skin is feeling really flakey and blocked up, I like to use this dry as the granules work my skin better. If you do have sensitive skin I would stay clear of this product though as it is quite rough on the skin and leaves my skin red for about 10 minutes after I've used it. One extra thing, it smells of honey. Enough said.

The mask is similar to the scrub in that you only need it on for a little while before you start to feel it tingle your skin (which is a good sign). This mask is a thick white product that I tend to cover my chin and cheeks with as these are my areas most prone to blemishes. I was a bit nervous about putting something on my face that has virgin olive oil in as in my head oil + face = not nice skin but I was shocked by how the mask really cleanses my skin. Both these products are said to 'deep cleanse' your skin and I totally agree, I don't feel a need to add any thing else to my skin after I have used these products, plus these products have worked my skin so much already you don't really want to put anything else on them that day/night. 

I would recommend if you are looking for products that will really work your skin and also for a organic option to try Dr.Organic's skincare. There were loads of different products by these range that I really want to try so in the future I might have a whole draw of these that I go between (not that I need anymore or have space for another draw full...) They also are regularly on offers like 'buy one get one half price' which please me greatly. 
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