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Pure Lips #2

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Newlook have done it again with even more beautiful shades in their reformulated lip stick collection. Since my last post I have purchased another 6 shades plus two lip crayons from their collection.

I love Newlook lip sticks because they are so creamy and rich, the colour lasts a long time on your lips and for me, they don't leave my lips flakey or dry like some lipsticks. They also come in such a wide range of colours so no matter what you are into, there is a shade for you.

pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,
pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,

My first shade is this gorgeous dark nude shade called Camel which I have worn non stop since I bought it. It is a more darker browner nude shade then the previous two that I purchased and its my favourite out of all of them. I have been wearing this shade during the day at work while I am wearing big eye make up. Strawberry is an amazing bright red shade which is more on the pink side. I haven't had an opportunity to try out this shade yet but I know it will be perfect for the summer time with rosy cheeks. Magenta is a fushia pink shade which I have had my eye on for some time and then it went into the sale for £2 so I couldn't resist a cheeky purchase. Again I haven't tried out this shade yet because I am too obsessed with dark eye shadows but I can't wait to give it a whirl. Mid Pink is a darker fushia shade which has become a favourite of mine lately. Its darker then the Magenta shade but not so dark that you can't wear a smokey eye with it. Bright pink is my most adventurous shade that I purchased and I did purchase it on a bit of a whim but it is so beautiful. It is a typical barbie pink shade. My last lip shade is this lovely dark red shade with a hint of plum in it called Burgandy. I love this shade with minimal make up and the shade really suits my skin tone.

pure, lips, newlook, lipstick, review, makeup,

I recently picked up two lip crayons too in the shade Camel and Plum. The colour pay off for these crayons are really good compared to other lip crayons I have purchased. The crayons are moisturing on the lips and the colour lasts for most of the day on me. The Camel lip crayon is very similar to the Camel lipstick but a little bit more creamier and moisturing and the Plum crayon is a super wearable dark plum shade.

If you have never tried the Newlook makeup range I would strongly recommend you try at least one lip product from them. I usually pick these lip shades over all my other lip products so they are definitely worth a try in my opinion,

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  1. Their lip pencils are gorgeous!
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