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Why I Love the Festive Season

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There are many reasons why I love the Christmas time and since we are only 2 weeks away from the big day, I thought it was about time my blog got a sprinkle of festive cheer! So put your  most Christmas-y pjs on, grab a cup of tea and a mince pie and sit back and indulge your festive side.

  • The dark mornings - Unpopular opinion I know but I love waking up on a dark morning, it helps me fall back to sleep on my days off and I feel much more cosy in bed. 
  • The cold weather - I love an excuse to wrap up in a big fluffy coat, a big scarf and a bobble hat. 
  • The mince pies - I can eat a whole tray in one day, I'm not even sorry. 
  • The novelty pjs - They always feel more cosy and warmer than normal pjs. 
  • The Autumn candles - You have to have a candle burning every evening or its not really Christmas.
  • The fairy lights, tinsel and baubles on the Christmas tree - Who else loves sitting next to the Christmas tree doing nothing but getting excited for the big day?
  • The treats - I always engorge on way too many naughty treats at Christmas but I tell myself that it is Christmas and I am allowed to go a little crazy on food. 
  • The festive videos - I love watching YouTube videos with festive backgrounds and everyone's vlogmas's, they get me even more excited for Christmas. 
  • The presents - Now I don't mean getting loads of presents yourself, I love Christmas shopping for other people and then giving them the presents, especially if it is something I have had hidden in my room for weeks waiting to give it to them. Nothing feels me with more joy when someone likes the gift I bought for them. 
  • The party outfits - I love getting dressed up for a Christmas party or helping people pick outfits for theirs. 
  • The festive makeup - Never is it more acceptable to wear glitter eye shadow then at Christmas. 
  • The Christmas films - I have so many favourites that I watch over and over again.
  • The glittery shoes - Lets admit we all have at least one pair of tacky glitter shoes that we bought for Christmas. 
  • The family evenings in - Sitting in front of the fire with your family who you might take for granted for most of the year.
  • The Christmas jumpers - the tacker the better.
  • The Sunday cooking/baking - During this time it is acceptable to spend your whole day off baking or cooking something tasty!
  • The boots 3for2 offer - That is great when you need to buy people presents. 
  • The turkey dinner - With lots of extras!
  • The Christmas Songs - They are the only thing that gets me out of bed some days!
  • The Top Of The Pops Christmas special on Christmas Day - My family watch this every Christmas day, its a tradition for us.
  • The Doctor Who Christmas special - That ones just for me really, i'm a secret geek...

This list could go on forever if I continue so I will leave the list here, I hope I have gotten you in some sort of festive mood and if I haven't I make it my mission to do that by Christmas Day! If you have any Christmas related posts leave me your links lovelies I'd love to read them. 
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  1. I had my first mince pie of this year yesterday mmm!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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