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Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined Palette

When Tanya Bur first released her makeup range in 2014 I wasn't too interested in her products at all, but her 2016 make up collection is absolutely right up my street. As soon as she uploaded a video of her using the products I knew I had to have them. I purchased the Face Illuminator months ago and fell in love with it so when I realised I got the Tanya Burr Beautifully Defined palette for Christmas I was so happy. 
First of all the packaging is just gorgeous, compared to the packaging of her first range the packaging of this range is so much better. The palette has a magnetic lock which is a very nice touch indeed and as you open it you have a heart shaped mirror on the left hand side and all the product is on the right hand side. 

After trying the Face Illuminator I knew I would like the other products in the range and I was right. Included in the palette is a squeeze-y tub of highlighter, three eye shadow shades, a powder highlighter and a powder bronzer. 
The liquid highlighter is an absolutely gorgeous golden shimmer highlight which is very much the spiting image of her Face Illuminator if not a little more glittery. It will be amazing in the summer when I have a tan and want to look sun kissed and golden. 
The powder highlighter (Champagne Shimer) is more a subtle version of the liquid highlighter which I have been using non stop so far this month. Whereas the liquid highlighter is more golden, the powder highlighter is more toned down and more of winter highlight in my opinion which is why I have loved it. 
The bronzer shade (Caramel Kiss) is a lovely subtle powder bronzer which really suits my skin tone and I have really liked wearing since I got it. In the pan the bronzer looks quite dark but on the skin it isn't too dark or over the top. 
The three eye shadow shades are really easy to wear everyday bronze shades. Cuddle Me is a lovely brown crease shade which I have been using all over the lids. Silk Pyjamas is a gorgeous golden brown which I like to pat on top of Cuddle Me to add some shimmer to the look. Baking Brownie is a dark chocolate brown which I have been using lightly in the crease to give my eyes some extra dimensions. 

I would really recommend this palette as there isn't one thing I wouldn't use in this which is hard to come by with some brands. The products are high quality and work really well together. I do want to try more of the Tanya Burr range but since I am on a spending ban I think I'll just window shop for now!
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