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My Spring Shower Routine | April 2018

I like to change up my shower routine quite frequently and I recently been loving using certain products in the shower so I thought I would do an updated routine for you all.

First up I have been obsessed with using these Radox shower gels which I have talked about recently here, they are only one pound which is so good and they come in so many different scents. I am currently using the Pink Grapefruit and Basil scent which smells so refreshing and we also have the Mandarin and Lemon grass scent and the Eucalyptus and Citrus oil scent which both smell so amazing, The Eucalyptus gel smells like cleaning products but in a good way and the Mandarin gel smells like lemon sour sweets. These are great shower gels to use first thing in the morning to wake yourself up because they are so refreshing and relaxing you use.

Once I am all clean I then wash my mop which gets greasy quite easily recently so I have gone back to using the Pantene Prov Colour Protect shampoo which leaves my hair very soft and light after I have used it. I have really thick hair so a shampoo which leaves my hair feeling lighter makes styling my hair so much easier.

Lastly once my body and hair are clean I then wash my face so that any residue from the other products is washed off my face and I have been using the L'oreal Fine Flower Cream Gel Wash with my manual cleansing brush. I love my manual cleansing brush and use it everyday with one of two cleansers, my shower cleanser is the L'oreal one and my main bathroom cleanser is the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser which is nearly running out because I use it so much. I hardly ever finish a skincare product as I tend to mix things up quite a big so to nearly finish a cleanser is big for me.

Anyway back to the point I have two cleanser brushes one for each bathroom because I am two lazy to run between the rooms... You can buy them in Primark for 2 pound so definitely worth a try. I think once you go cleansing brush you don't go back, my skin does not feel as clean if I use anything else.


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