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Outfit of the day | Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Sunday guys! I hope you've all had a chocolate egg for breakfast, I know I have... And I regret nothing.
I'm bringing you my outfit for today as I use any little excuse to dress up and I'm wearing a dress that I have had for a good few months now (pretty sure it was some time last year maybe) and I've never wore before. 
I bought it from the Next fashion warehouse in my hometown and that shop is fast becoming my favourite place to find dresses now. I always find at least one thing I like there and all the dresses are perfect for nights out or special occasions. Plus most of them are between £8 and £10, best bargains ever! 

So today I am wearing this white skater dress with a ribbed effect all over it. It's quite a thicker material so it won't crease when I sit down which I love! It hangs really nicely because there is soooo much material so I don't have to worry about it looking unflattering and it hides my muffin top - yay!
It was only £10 at the warehouse which is a bargain and I'm really glad I found it and that I've finally wearing it. 
I've paired it with some black tights because let's be realistic, it's not spring weather yet, no matter how much I wish it was. I'm also wearing a plain brown belt to keep it light as I thought a black belt would be too dull, a gold and cream flower necklace from Newlook which is super cute and only £8, plus my favourite gold watch. 


I've kept my makeup quite minimal as my skin is misbehaving at the moment and as soon as I get one spot under control, another one appears, and then the first one doesn't like sharing the attention so decides to get 3 bigger! So I'm not wearing any foundation as I didn't want to anger my spots, I'm wearing the Elf Mineral Eye Liner, Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost mascara with the Collection supersize mascara on top, then the Mac eyeshadow in Fresh and Easy (a birthday gift from Ashleigh and James <3) and the Revlon Photoready Creme blush in Coral Reef. 

I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy eating lots of chocolate, sadly I've had my allowance for today (I'm on a chocolate detox because of my spots). My day with be spent relaxing with my family, what are your plans today? :) xx
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