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At the minute I have a hand full of bloggers who I am loving at the minute. I always look out for their posts when I'm scanning Bloglovin and I'm never disappointed with their posts.

If you don't already read them than you need to have a look at them! :)
Ive really been loving Rebecca's post recently, I look to her for make up and lifestyles posts.
I love Corrie, I find her hilarious and always enjoy her posts. She was one of the first people who I used to read, who made me want to start blogging myself. I love her make up, fashion and hair posts. Major hair envy!!
I really enjoy Aileen's make up posts but the thing I have loved the most recently was her posts about friends knowing about your blogs, I found I really related to her post and thought it was great.
I love everything about Becky's blog. I love the layout and design, I love the way she takes photos, I love her little sausage dog and lastly her round up posts.
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