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How I organise my wardrobe

Before you get your hopes up, no the closet in the photo is not mine, although I wish it was so badly! How beautiful would it be getting dressed here everyday!

I hope I'm not the only person in the world who strangely enjoys spending an afternoon sorting through my wardrobe? Yeah okay then... Now I've actually wrote it down I can see how sad it sounds but I really do enjoy it. I hope I'm not the only one! So I thought I would share with you guys how I organise my wardrobe, you lucky things! 

Starting with my built in chest of draws, I have all my PJ bottoms, casual t shirts and many many piles of black and patterned leggings. I keep all my causal clothes in these draws as it gives me more space to put nicer clothes in my wardrobe (yet it's still not enough...)

So now for my wardrobe, I have a little OCD with my clothes so I like to keep them in sleeve length order, because I am just really sad like that and working in a clothes shop where clothing has to be in the right place and you can't mix sleeve lengths when merchandising has effected how I look at my own wardrobe. First off in my wardrobe I have all my shirts and smart tops, in arm length order of course! Following them I have my cardigans and jumpers on the right side of my first wardrobe.

Then in my second wardrobe I have all of my dresses (I'm a bit dress crazy). I have all my casual day time dresses first - in sleeve length order of course- and then I have my more fancy evening dresses following them. My dresses take up most of my second wardrobe so I can only fit my few trusty pairs is jeans and long skirts in in the corner. 

Because I work with clothes and am around them constantly my will power fades from time to time and I buy more clothes that I don't have the room for. This has resulted in me using a curtain pole that I had laying around to hang clothes on, on the other side of my room.
It may sound excessive and you might be wondering why I haven't had a clean out of my old clothes, but I sadly do clear out my wardrobe regularly and still need my extra pole for room.

On the pole I hang all my short skirts and shorts and any outfits that I am planning to wear in the near future. 

I am a strong believer that an organised wardrobe leads to an organised life.... I can't function properly in the morning if my wardrobe is a mess and I can't find anything to wear.
I wanna know if I am the only person who gets this excited about organising my wardrobe so wrote a post on how you organise yours and let me know! :)

My dream one day is to have a walk in wardrobe with lots of shelves and racking for my shoes and spot lights all around it but for now I guess ill make do with my two wardrobes and a pole :)
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