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Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation

Today I am talking about a gem I have discovered recently. I remember when I used to go between the same two foundations and I never really pushed the boat out as I liked being in my comfort zone, now look at me, I have a whole section of foundations in my makeup draw which is overfilling!

Anyway around new years myself and my boyfriend took a trip down to Cambridge (my favourite place) for the day, we planed to do a little shopping and then explore the town before our reservation at Jamie's Italian which I highly recommend! Back to the point we ended up spending most of the day in the centre spending lots and lots of money. It was in the centre that I discovered a new makeup shop called Kiko Makeup.

I had never heard of this make before so convinced my boyfriend to have a browse with me. I picked up the Universal Fit foundation in the shade 02 Light Rose as the Ivory shade looked just too light for me. This shade I think this is going to be brilliant in the summer when I have more of tan but I can still get away with it right now. I tend to wear one of my other foundations on my face and then use a foundation brush to apply this to my cheeks, it makes my cheeks more prominent and gives me a dewy glow but doesn't give me the look that I've dragged a brush of bronzer across my cheeks to fake my cheeks. My cheeks are big and prominent anyway due to my face shape but this foundation just gives them a little boast and gives me a nice flush.

This foundation gives a good medium coverage so I have no problem using this to hide any annoying spots of blemishes, and the consistency of this foundation  is good enough so you only need a little bit of product to cover your whole face if I am using it as my primary foundation for the day. I also find it lasts all day on me so I don't start the day looking nice and creamy bronzed and then end the day looking like i have covered my face in talcum powder. Winner! The foundation also claims to be hydrating on your skin and I must agree, I have quite dry skin which needs loving regularly and this foundation never shows my dry patches or drys out my skin even more. Like I said, Winner! 

I would definitely recommend this foundation if you are looking for a dewy glow and a peachy shade out of the many different shades they have. It is also great if you want a foundation that you don't need to top up with powder during the day and only silly people wouldn't want that! I can't remember how much this was when I bought it but it is definitely under the £10-15 mark so it's affordable and it works!

Have any of you tried this foundation? Tell me what you think!
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  1. I've never heard of this brand, but you've sold it to me. I hope I can find this somewhere to give it a try.

    Beka. xo


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