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My Beauty Pledges For 2015

When it comes to keeping up with a beauty routine, I am the worst. I am worst than the worst, I am ridiculously bad. This is why I am writing this most, because I need to put in writing and tell the world these pledges so that I feel more obliged to keep to them.

So these are my beauty related pledges for the year...

Care better for my feet my poor feet get neglected all the time. I never feel like I have enough time to sit down, properly wash my feet with my Lush foot mask and really moisturise them but that needs to stop. I don't particularly like feet in the first place so the fact that I don't look after them to make them look prettier is a waste. The amount of creams and nail polishes I have, my feet should look like the queens. For Christmas my boyfriend bought my a foot spa so I really have no excuse now!

ALWAYS take my makeup up although I am getting better at it lately, if I really couldn't be bothered to take my makeup off I wouldn't which is terrible. So this year no matter what, I shall never go bed with makeup still on my face *sweeping declaration...

Simplify my routines this year has probably been my worst year when it comes to skin problems, I don't remember a time when I haven't had some sort of spot or redness. The sad thing is, before I got into all my make up and facial products I had the best skin ever, I never went through ache as a teenager but it seems In my twenties they have developed. If im being honest, that might be to do which all the products that I now use to 'make my skin better' so I think I need to strip my routine down and start again with less products.

Stop being lazy and cream my whole body not everyday but at least ever other day! Before I became lazy I used to cream my body all the time and it felt amazing but now its always dry and doesn't feel that healthy so I need to change.

Style your hair once and a while women I tend to leave my hair natural and wavy most days and only really style it when I'm going somewhere but I have heated rollers and a number of curlers so I want to make more of a effort with my hair on a more regular basis. 

Eye shadow needn't be scary, be more daring with it I never ever where eye shadow. I watch so many tutorials on how to blend two eye shadow colours and how to do smokey eyes but on any attempts I have done, I have looked like I have just throw dirt on my eye. This year I want to experiment with eye shadow more, sit down and really copy a tutorial over and over again until I can make it work for my face. I've always said that I didn't suit eye shadow but I think I was just scared of it because I couldn't get it right. 2015 is the year I become eye shadow friendly! 

And those were my beauty pledges for 2015, I shall do a post next year and we can see whether my feet actually look like the queens and whether I am now a eye shadow pro. Tell me any beauty pledges you are making for yourself :) xx 

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