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My New Favourite Toy

I have been a makeup brush kind of girl for years now ever since I first started getting into makeup (spot my flat top foundation brush), this was the reason I was super hesitant to experiment with the beauty gimmick of the hour, the beauty blender. I didn't believe in the hype and regarded it as a one hit wonder that would be forgotten about soon enough.

Boy was I wrong!

Not only are they still around and kicking, I now own one (not by choice) and am indeed in love with using it! I publicly eat my own words.

I came to own a pink beauty blender thanks to Birchbox which I am actually not subscribed to anymore, but they did get something right with this product. I had it a number of months before I started using it because if I am being honest I just wasn't interested in it.

Until one faithful day when I realised that I had washed my makeup brushes at the wrong time because now I needed to rush out, normally I wouldn't mind going out without makeup on but I was meeting up with a friend and my face was super red. My options were to use my fingers and probably irritate my face more and have streaky foundation or use this little pink ball of sponge.

I opted for the sponge because I am such an adventurous person... and I have been using it every day ever since. I don't use it to blend in my foundation I am still stuck in my ways with my flat top buffing brush, but I do use it every day to blend in my concealor. I find it blends in my concealor amazingly like it is my own skin, it is the perfect shape to blend the product around my eye area and I feel like I use less product now then I did with a brush.

One thing that really put me off using these sponges was cleaning them afterwards, I thought it would be annoying and not very hygienic in general. The first time I washed it I found it was super easy to clean and was much like how I clean my makeup brushes, rub lots of soap into it and hold it under the water and presto, a clean sponge again! I have find that using it for just concealor has left me with no unsightly spots as well so I feel much more at easy with using it.

I think beauty blenders will be a product that are around for years now and to be honest I don't mind that now that I have tried it out for myself. I guess it proves your shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or a sponge by its use...

What do you guys think about the beauty blender? Have you given into the hype?
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  1. That brush is AMAZING but I have never tried a beauty blender before! It looks good though so I might as well just give it a go x

    Cristina // My Cup of Tea

    1. I do love it now so you should try it! I even use it for liquid blushes too! x


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