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A walk with us

If you follow me on twitter you will know that me and my boyfriend Callum went to Bedford for the day last Friday. I went a bit camera happy at some points of the day so thought I would put them all together in a post for both you and me :)

The first thing we did when we got there was find the local Costa so that we could feel our limbs again, whenever we go on an adventure together we always start the day with a hot chocolate for both of us (of course mine is the cream one)

Then we hit the shops to nick some warmth because it was unbelievable cold that day! I have to say we weren't too impressed with the shops, the Topman was too small for Cal's liking and I didn't like anything in Newlook or River Island. I did find some cute underwear in Primark so I was happy, Primark underwear is the only underwear that I like and that fits me well.

After walking around trying to find our way to all the shops we found a covered lane called The Arcade which housed a shop for both me and Cal. I loved a cute home and gifty shop called Charisma (website) where I picked up two bath bombs for £2.50 and some 'little hotties' which you put on top of a oil burner. It was £6.99 for a full box of any that you wanted so I picked two of each and I cant wait to smell out my room with them. Cal found a little clothing boutique called Boutique Planet where he found some tops that me liked and the guy who was working was really friendly and a laugh to talk.

Next we went for a walk at The River Embankment which is super long and looked like it went on for a million miles. We couldn't walk a lot of it because the weather felt like it was artic conditions but we did enjoy a nice little stroll down it to relax us. Here is where i went camera mad so prepare for a million photos...

Apparently I thought I was some kind of landscape photographer at this point...
While we were walking across the road we found a hut on a hill which you could walk up and see high above the road and river...

We then drove down the road from the town centre to The Interchange Retail Park which was about 10 minutes away. Thank goodness we found this otherwise i would have wrote Bedford off for its shop choices. It has a Toys 'r' Us store which me and Cal loved walking round because we both are like little kids, it also has a Matalan, Boots and Outfit among loads other which we didn't go into. Outfit was a great shop but I just didn't see anything I loved which was a bit gutting.
Lastly before we drove home Cal took me to where his grand parents live just as you enter Bedford and I fell in love with all the houses there. Across the road from his grandparents house is a play park and a county park where you can follow paths all through the forest and fields and which would be a lovely walk (if it was much warmed!)
We are planning on going back again in the summer to make a day of it by the river and go back to the country park since walking them is our little hobby :)

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  1. sounds like such a lovely day! great photos! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/effyourbeautystandards.html xx


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