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Bargain Brushes #1

I spoke in my face tools #1 post about some brush sets that I had purchased recently and in this first of three posts, I will be showing you guys the brushes I've bought as I am little bit obsessed with make up brushes, isn't everyone?
This set came first out of the three and it literally took no longer than 3 days to get to me which made me really happy! I also wasn't expecting the packaging they came in, it came in a big box and then inside was this big pink case. How nice is this case?! I love the colour and the fact it has a flap at the top so that the brushes don't fall out. I give the case a 5/5!
Onto the brushes, you get 24 brushes in this pack which considering the price is amazing. In this set you get in total
  • 5 eye tools
  • 4 tiny eye brushes
  • 5 small eye brushes
  • 4 brown eye brushes
  • 2 flanned brushes
  • 1 foundation brush
  • 2 blush/contour brushes
  • 1 powder brush
That is a lot in one pack and I am hoping that the amount of eye brushes it includes will encourage me to start exploring eye makeup a little more as the most I do is eye liner and mascara, eye shadow scares me as I am rubbish at it!
All the brushes have really soft hairs which feel amazing on my face, when I first got them I just kept stoking my face with them, it got a bit excessive after 5 minutes of doing so... I especially love that a mascara wand is included in this kit as you don't really see any around. The fanned brush I have been using to apply highlighter on my cheek bones and foundation brush has been really loved since I got it.
I think the thing I like most about this kit is that the brushes are so much softer than another Real Technique brush set and other sets as well. You just cant go wrong with this kit.
It was only £7.70 on eBay and you can view it here. :)
Look out for my second post on my second set of brushes (I bought three different sets even though I have two many brushes already) and hopefully I'll love them as much as I love this set :)

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  1. Wow these are such amazing brushes for the price and the pink case is an added bonus!


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