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8 Reasons Staying In Is For The Best

It only took about two months of non stop partying when I first turned 18 for me to get bored of going out in the evening. Give me a night in bed and I am a happy chappy but make me go out in town for a evening when its cold or I'm tired and be prepared to have an annoying Chelsea all night.

Here are just 8 reasons why staying in at night is the way forward.

*Your bed is never more than 10 steps away from you

*You don't have to waste money getting into a club which is full of sweaty men

which leads me onto...

*No unwanted guests

*So much take away to choose from without having to leave your bed

*Your friends and teddies wont judge what your wearing (yes them pineapple PJ bottoms...)

*No one will spill a drink down your onesie

*You can dance like no one is watching (because no one is)

*You don't have to spend hours picking an outfit, where 9/10 times you just end up buying something new

*You don't have to search the crowds for your new man, prince charming is on the screen right in front of you

*There is no risky drive to McDonalds the next day when your still drunk (naughty naughty!)

*You can enjoy the sunny Sunday without being bed ridden or being sick after every moment

Who else is with me?!
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