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Clinique Sculpting Chubby Stick

I'm sure everyone has seen this product floating around the blogsphere by now and before it even started popping up everywhere I picked this item up on a shopping trip to try out, does that mean I'm physic? I hope so...

I have been using this contour stick for a few weeks now and I love the idea of the product, it makes contouring so easy for beginners but I tend not to use it for contouring at all.

Although everyone and their mum has raved about how this stick gives a good natural contour to your face, I find that it blends in too well for my liking so I feel like I haven't actually contoured my face at all. I find I get a much better contour which stands out (still naturally) with my Revolution Protection Palette. If you really want to make an impact with this product you need to put a lot of it on, but in doing that I found I was after blending, leaving myself with a big brown cheek. I instead use the stick to bronze my forehead and nose on top of contour and find it works really well at giving me a nice glow and warms my face up when I am having a pale day.  

For now I think I will stick to my Revolution Protection Palette to actually contour my face but I have also bought a W7 contour stick which I have found to work better for me at contouring so W7 might convert me to crème contours properly, I'll let you know!
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