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Loving your feet

Loving your feet lush soap and glory Primark

Looking after your feet is really important especially in the summer when you want to wear pretty sandals and heels. I am terrible for looking after mine mainly because I am a lazy person, but leading up to the warmer months I have put some effect into making my feet look pretty for summer. 

My foot spa is the like saver I never knew I needed. Its so easy to use and really relaxes my feet and softens them up. While my feet are in the foot spa I like to cover them in the Lush Volcano foot mask and leave it on my feet for about 10 minutes. Then I put my feet in the water and wash off the mask and my feet feel so good afterwards. My hard skin is softened and much more smoother than they were before. It also properly washes my feet and makes them smell of peppermint. If my feet are still hard after I've used the mask, I use this Primark foot file to file away and soften the skin. 

To keep my feet soft and hydrated after I've filed and washed them, I cover my feet in my two favourite foot creams. Soap and Glory Heel Genius is a old favourite that works every time. Palmers Cocoa Butter foot cream smells amazing and leaves my feet so soft and smooth. I also have this macadamia oil foot mark which will definitely be used right before my holiday in September to make them beach ready. 

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