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August Photo Diary

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Its that time again when I try and sound interesting to you guys when really for most of the month I've either been in the bath or in bed asleep... But anyway here is my August Photo Diary. 

# This is my favourite party dress ever, ever! I bought it from TKMax at the beginning of the month because I was on the hunt for a dress for a wedding party. You may be thinking 'wearing black to a wedding, what were you thinking girl?!' but it was only the party in the evening and the dress had skin coloured material underneath so it wasn't all black! 

# This is my Pinterest worthy landscape photo I took on a walk round a little town near me called Irthlingborough. Cal and I love a good walk in the evening so we couldn't resist this big field that we found on our walk. The weeds were as high as my head so it was a mission to found our way back. 

# Cal and I celebrated our one year anniversary this month by going to Stamford and Spalding for a day out. We walked round Stamford town (which is really pretty to look round but not that interesting after a while) and then drove to Spalding and looked round the retail park. We played Mini golf at the back of the retail park and had an ice cream in the sun. 

# This is the meal Cal and I had at a restaurant called Coast to Coast. IT WAS AMAZING! I had the lasagne and chips and Cal had the chicken skewer and chips. Hands down the best american style restaurant of all time. 

# This is the kind of outfits I will be living in for most of autumn. Black skinny jeans and stripe tops are so easy to where for lazy gals like me. Wack on some boots and a leather jackets and I'm ready for the colder weeks. 

# Here is my cringe-y makeup free bowler hat selfie but I haven't worn this bowler hat in well over a year so I have made a conscious effort to get it out of retirement. Lets see if it makes an appearance in out OOTD post. 

## Here are two polaroid photos from a wedding that me and Cal went to this month (the same wedding where I wore the black dress) and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the photos for myself. We were cheeky and took too because we are such rebels. 

# I love a good face mask selfie and here is a beauty for you. I have on the Lush Dark Angels cleanser which is great and I highly recommend. I have a post up about it here. 
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