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First Impressions | New In | Kiko

Kiko, Milano, Makeup, Primer, Lip balm, Contouring set

I've been a fan of Kiko for over a year now and I made a cheeky little online order the other week to try out some products I have heard a lot of things about. This is going to be a little first impressions post for you to tell you what I'm loving already and what I'l be loving very soon I'm sure.

Kiko, Milano, Makeup, Primer, Lip balm, Contouring set

PH Lip Enhancer Base and Glossy Balm £6.90

I saw this on the website and was really intrigued to know what it actually does. The Ph lip enchancer threw me a little as I had never heard of a lip balm that does that? So I bought it for £6.90 (don't tell Cal because he has already told me off for wasting money on not exactly cheap lip balms...) and when I first tried it I really liked it. 

First Impressions-- 
It moisturises my lips really well and lasts for longer then I expected. After 10 minutes my lips aren't hard and cracked again.
It makes my lips look really glossy and nourished.
It brings out the natural colour of my lips which is apparently a rosey pink (which I dig!)

Kiko, Milano, Makeup, Primer, Lip balm, Contouring set

Contouring Pencil Set Highlighter and Bronzer in 01 Light to Medium £9.90

Corrie from Dizzy Brunette used this pencil set in one of her videos last month and I just had to have them as soon as possible. I love bronzing pencils and sticks because they are so easy to use and I loved how precise these pencils would be. 

First Impressions --
They both are really easy to use and give a really nicd bronze and glow effect. 
They blend in really easily and a lot goes a long way.
The bronzer suits me even when I have a ghost like face. 

Kiko, Milano, Makeup, Primer, Lip balm, Contouring set

Skin Tone Corrector Primer in Peach £9.90
I was draw in by this product hock, line and sinker. There have three different colour primers to use and I picked the Peach shade which is meant for all skin types and give your skin a healthy glow. 

First Impressions --
Leaves my skin feeling really smooth.
Leaves my skin looking a little shiny rather than glowy.
Does last all day on the skin. 

This is one product I definitely want to continue using to try and change my opinion of it. One thing I love about all the products is the really cute packaging especially the rose gold pencil set (heart eyes). I think all of these products are good quality for the prices that they are and I would definitely repurchase the first two! 

Have you tried any Kiko products? If not, why not??

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