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Lush Skincare | My Collection

Ever since I first discovered Lush as a brand properly last year my collection has just doubled and doubled. Half of all my skincare/body and hair care collections now include Lush products and today I am talking about all my favourite Lush skincare products.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

Starting with the product that I have been using the longest the Ultrabland Facial Cleanser has been a firm favourite of mine for so long now. I love this cleaner to take off my make up it makes removing my makeup so easy. I just cover my face in the cleanser and work the product into my eye area which leaves me looking like a panda. I then use a flannel to clean off the cleanser and the makeup and my face is left super clean, even my mascara is completely off. Some people have said they don't get on with this product because they feel like the product is left on their face after wards but my flannel removes all the product.

The next product is the Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash which is much thicker than any other facial wash I have ever used. In the tub it looks more like a balm but once it is mixed with water on your face it turns into a normal wash consistency. I really like this facial wash as it leaves my skin so soft afterwards and cleanses your skin at the same time as washing it.

A new edition to my skincare collection is the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub which I am still testing out right now. You can guess by the name that this scrub has extracts of the ocean in it so every time I use it I always get sea salt in my mouth which is the worse taste in the world! I must subconsciously open my month when I wash my face... haha. Anywhoo I really like this scrub to use after I have took off my makeup before I go to bed, so my face is fresh before bed.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

My next skincare pot is the Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask which I have owned and loved for most of the year now. This mask is so refreshing and great to use first thing in the morning to wake yourself up. I am a sucker for staying in bed all day on my day off because I am too tired to do anything but when I use this mask I feel much more awake and ready for the day. It is great at getting rid of them pesky spots that wont go away. Plus it smells of mint yummy

My last pot is the Dark Angels Cleaners which I absolutely love! It looks scary in the pot as it is black but don't let that scare you! It can be used with either a little bit of water or a lot of water depending on how thick you want the cleanser to be or how you want to use it. I like to use the cleanser as a mask so let the cleanser dry on my skin and go hard before I wash it off. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and clean. It is really good to freshen up the skin after I have just cleared a spot or blemish.

Lush, Skincare, Ultrabland, Kalamazoo, Ocean Salt, dark angels. mask of magnanimity, enchanted eyes, grease lightning,

Lastly I have two skincare bottles that I am a big fan off. The first is the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment which was one of the first products I purchased from Lush. It leaves a layer of the treatment on my spot overnight and by the morning the spot is either dried out or ready to pop so I can get rid out it. I choose between this and my trusty Sudo Cream to deal with spots.

My last product of the day is the Enchanted Eye Cream which is my favourite product to use on my eye area. The moisturiser is so light it is perfect to put on under your makeup and sets your concealer like a primer. My eyes definitely look more awake and more alive when I use this eye cream.

And finally... that is all my Lush skincare products. Lush plays a big part in my skincare routine and I recommend their products to all my friends and family and now I am recommending them to you.
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  1. I love the design of your blog! I am also a huge fan of LUSH:)


    Emily xo

  2. I've heard so many good things about the Mask of Magnaminty!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  3. I use the mask of magnaminty, isn't it great?! The Dark Angels Cleaners looks really good, i'll have to try it! I really recommend the Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask, it's possibly my fav from Lush:) x

    Aimee | AimeeSueXO

    1. It really is, I've used it this morning! I would really recomend the Dark Angels cleanser and I have the Costmetic Warrior face mask but its not my favoruite to be honest haha xx


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