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5 Steps To Healthier Skin This Winter

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Having healthy skin is something that is really important to me during the winter months as I do have irritated skin during this time. I have 5 steps which I know from experience works for me and since it feels like full blown winter outside already I know these will help people straight away.

1. Keep you routine simple 
Some people include the whole range of Boots in their routine twice a day because they think their skin needs every single product. I find the more product you use the less it works on your skin because you are telling your skin to do lots of different things. Keep it simple and use products that really work for your skin.

2. Keep a steady routine 
Following on from the last point, I find my skin is the best when I keep up my daily routine so I try and keep a steady routine and don't skip out on days so my skin is always fresh when I wake up and go to sleep. This doesn't always happen I am human but I do try!

3.Always start with a clean face 
I find my makeup always goes on better when I have a completely fresh face so if I've done my morning routine then I am ready to go. If I am having a lazy day and don't actually put my face on until the afternoon I always splash some water on my face at least before I do my makeup.

4. Drink lots of water 
I know everyone says that but it does work especially in the winter, I've even bought a giant 1lt bottle to take to work which makes drinking more water much easier. Plus I actually love the taste of water unless some people I know.

5. Protect yourself from the environment 
Since I have sensitive skin I always have to keep my skin protected during the cold and hot weather. During the summer I use SPF to protect my skin if I am going to be in the sun all day and during the winter I use a super hydrating moisturiser to protect my skin from the cold.

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  1. Lovely tips and your skin is so beautiful! My skin loves a simpler routine, it's super sensitive and hates anything it's not familiar with haha! Your blog is lovely - hope you're having a magical Halloween :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram - tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I hope you had a good one too xx


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