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Afternoon out for tea and shopping

The garden room and kids toy shop

The seating area in the middle of the shops next to the band stand

The really friendly tearoom that makes the best toasted tea cake

I recently went on a little adventure with my sister to a village in Weedon (near Daventry) for a girlie afternoon out. I searched on the internet places to go in Northamptonshire and I found the website for this little place in Weedon called Heart of the Shires. It is a little shopping enclosure (if that's what you would call it) that has a tea room, art gallery, garden room and a few cute shops.

There is a super cute tea room there set in a old cottage looking building, that even on this bright but dreary day, made me feel like we were in the middle of summer. I can't wait to go back when it actually is warmer and I can sit outside in the garden where there are little garden tables, round the back of the tea room. The service is very friendly there and the tearoom was very calm and relaxing so was perfect to grab a tea and hot chocolate in after we spent all our money. I recommend the toasted tea cake!

Most of the shops are full of cute house bits and bobs, perfect things for lovers of anything shabby chic! There's only a few pieces of each of the items so you don't have to worry about anyone having the same items as you. You would think it being a village that all the pieces would be ridiculously priced but all the items were at such good prices I went a bit crazy while I was there, I couldn't stop myself when the prices of all these cute little pieces were so good! There is a theme in most of the shops and that is hearts, nearly every shop has heart pieces in it, all really cute items, mostly made of white wood.
The service in the shops is great, everyone says hello to you when you enter and says have a nice day when you leave, which I find is hard to find on the high street or in shopping centres.

Most of the shops are separated outside but inside a building there were also some more shops including a sweet shop yum and a jewellery shop. While in this shop me and my sister got talking to the owner who let us try on loads of new bracelets she was viewing with what I am guessing is a supplier. We both fell in love with these unique bracelets that they were looking at, really cute silver clasp bracelets with real leather straps, all of different styles , colours and with different clasps.
Again the shop was really friendly and the women who showed us the bracelets were extremely kind and helped us out with the names of the bracelets we wanted so that we could ring them up and reserve some when they were available.

In the middle of the complex there is a bandstand and quite a few tables and seats to sit in and enjoy the sun, take a break from shopping and grab tea and cakes from the tea room.

The best thing about these shops is that because it is in the middle of the countryside, the shopping experience is so peaceful. You don't have rude people making a loud racket while you are trying to have a look around, you can look round at your own pace, without people hassling you, in peace. It really is a lovely place to shop, especially for birthday/Christmas presents.

Here are some photos of the goodies I bought while I was visiting :)




Retail therapy £5.99
Love is the wind £2.99

£1.99 each

Separate letters that you can put in any order
I also bought a plastic rocking photo frame for my sister for her birthday and some glass bird candle holders which were each £2.99 

I will definitely be returning to the village with my sister and mum soon! Visit the website of The Heart of Shires to see their opening times and facilities! http://www.heartoftheshires.co.uk/
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