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Naughty H&M Beauty Haul

I recently found myself on H&M's website browsing for some sale treats when I was bored one evening and I noticed that for that day I could get free delivery, and so I had to buy at least something, you cant pass up free delivery! Anyway I got the end of the clothes pages and I haven't found anything that I liked enough to order (I'm rather picky when it comes to ordering clothes online) and so I felt quite defeated.

Then I noticed the beauty products page and I couldn't resist looking... Low and behold half an hour later I had ordered 3 blushers, a bronzer, a lipstick and two face masks...opps.

Now I love going in to Boots and spends ages going up and down the different make-up ranges and taking ages to pick which ones I'm actually going to leave it (I can go a bit crazy) but I also love trying out cosmetics from fashion retailers, I've found some gems over the last year. So I thought I'd try out these few bits... I'll leave some links to the items on the website if you want to take a look yourself.

First of all, I put some face masks in my basket (shock) for just 99p, YES 99p! You have no excuse not to use face masks when they cost less than a pound! Anyway I picked up a Goji Berry Superfruit Mud mask and a Coconut water Moisture mask, the mud mask is meant to tone and the moisture mask is meant to protect. I saw them on the website and thought they sounded nice and would smell amazing.

 Next I added a bronzing power in 'Dark Tan' to my basket ready for the summer, compared to amount of blushers I have I needed a bigger choice of bronzers (only had two at the time) and so I thought I would give it a go. Its more of a golden shade than a brown like other bronzers are, I think it will be nice in the summer and on holiday when I have a tan. To view the bronzer then click here.

I have wanted a dark lipstick for the winter probably since before November all thanks to Zoella and I hadn't seen any that caught my eye really or that I thought suited me, and then I saw this shade when I was looking through the makeup and got a little excited. It is a gorgeous plum colour called 'Wild Thing' and It didn't disappoint me when it finally arrived. As soon as I opened it up I had to put it on straight away and then planned my outfit that day all around it. It lasted all day but over the hours it did become a little bit more subtle, but that may have been me just getting used to having darks lips. I would definitely recommend this lipstick to people who may be a bit scared of wearing a darker lipstick, it not so dark that you would be mistaken for looking dead like some lipsticks. If you want to try out the lipstick then click here.

Finally I went a little bit crazy with the blushers on the website, I basically couldn't decide between two of them so I decided to just get them all as it was free delivery (slaps wrist). The first one I knew as soon as I saw it on the page I was definitely going to buy it. The shade is called 'Pink Dahla' and it is a bright pink which is just gorgeous. To find this blush click here. 

The next blusher is a peach shade which is more for the casual everyday look but I think it will become one of my favourites that I go to a lot, called 'Dazzling Peach'. When I wore this blusher out for the day with my sister, quite a few people asked about it and complimented me about it. The colour really suited me and it gave my cheeks a really natural glow and really made cheek bones come out. Definitely a blusher I would recommend! To find this shade click here.

The last blusher I purchased is called 'Sweet Rose' and again it is more of a daytime blusher that I think I will get a lot of use out of. It is a really nice colour on the skin, I wore it with a BB cream that is a little darker than my normal skin tone and they really complimented each other. If your interested in this shade click here.

And that is my little H&M beauty haul which shouldn't have happened but ah well... If you like any of the products check them out. I've been really surprised at how nice these products are for a high street clothing chain. :)

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  1. I don't own any H&M makeup, but I always find myself having a little browse when I'm instore but never picking anything up. You should review these products and give swatches. It's definitely something I'd be interested in reading!
    Rachel @ rachelsaysfabulous xxx

    1. I'm the same, I don't think I would have bought all of this if I was instore. I've tried them all now so I'm planning on writing the reviews very soon! xx

  2. Cool! I've heard a lot about their make up range but haven't tested it out! I do have a £10 voucher though....tempting!! xoxo

    1. I've heard their new products are even better than these so go spend that voucher! xx


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