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My Perfect Lazy Pamper Day

At the beginning of the year I became supervisor at my work and so I began working 40 hours a week. This was a shock to the body when before I would only work 40 hours maybe once over the Christmas period. So its safe to say its took its toll on my body (and my sleeping pattern)and now I appreciate my days off soooooo much more. I get 2 days off a week and on one of the days I like to be lazier than a pregnant cat... lovely image I know.

Here are the things that I like to do on my days off to relax, and make the most of the day. Maybe this will give you some ideas on how to make the most of your lazy days off :)

Cook a big breakfast
Call me a kid but I love to have turkey dinosaws and poatoe waffles for breakfast on lazy days. 1. its the only thing I like and can really make that can be classed as a fry up 2. it fills me up for my jammed packed day of lazing around. If I had the energy to actually cook proper meals I would be a really good cook I think! but alas I get bored of cooking and give in to rubbish easy meals. Anyway on a day off you have to make a breakfast you wouldn't usually have the time to make before work so make something you enjoy!

Having a long bath/shower
I am not a bath kind of person but when I'm having a lazy day, I like to have a really long boiling hot bath. It always makes me feel more relaxed. If I'm in the mood to really work my skin with body scrubs or washes then I will have a long shower (if I have the energy to stand up that is haha) Even though your having a lazy day you want to start the day feeling fresh so have a bubble bath, take a long shower, and then get into your most comfiest clothes!

Scan SKY for films
When I have the house to myself, I love laying on the sofa and watching films. I don't know why but I much prefer it to laying in my own bed and watching them. Sky has got some cracking films on lately like some of my favourites -Jack the giant slayer, Spiderman, Les Mis, Pitch Perfect and Snowwhite and the huntsman. The list goes on and on. So grab a blanket, close the curtains and get cosy infront of the tv.

Paint me nails
This is a must for me as work batters my nails nearly everyday, so my nails need some TLC. I start of getting the last few bits of nail vanish that work hasn't chiped off my nails (which is usually one little square of my nail) and then use my Jasons Tea Tree nail saver which gives my nails a bit of nourishment and makes them feel harder and more stable, so hopefully they wont break the next day at work. Once the nail saver has dried I then paint my nails any colour (usually one that wont look horrible if a little bit chips off, like my silver glitter nails I have now).

While I'm painting my nails I love to have a facemask on, I find it so relaxing. Obviously it will have to be the ones you leave on for 20 minutes or the paper peel away ones, or you would be ruining your nails taking the mask off.

Read my book
I am really bad at the moment for reading my book. I started Dan Browns Inferno when I went on holiday last September... and I haven't finished it yet :( I am actually ashamed that I am slacking so much considering I used to read books like anything and would normally finish them within a week or even a few days. I just haven't been in the kind of mood to sit down and really delve into a book. Anywho reading a book is the most satisfying way to spend a day off I think, its much better then spending all day in front of the tv (which I'm totally guilty of) so from now on I will be making a conscious decision to get back into reading, or at least finish Inferno!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and its given you some ideas of how to spend your days off in the future! :)
If you spend your lazy days completely differently, tell me how :)
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